I was introduced to men-ü by my son and now only use your products for shaving! I am absolutely delighted with the shave crème and since I have been introduced to have used nothing else. My wife has also noticed the difference as I often had a sore face.

This is to advise you that albeit I am a pensioner and hence shaved for many years using different products including creams, gel and shave basins. men-ü products are the best I have every used for both closeness and brushing of cream.

I have been using men-ü shave/facial products for many years now and would never willingly use anything else. They’ve changed shaving from a painful daily chore into a pleasure, and I recommend them to everyone!

I returned from a two week trip to Burma and found that the buddy shave crème 15ml lasted the whole two weeks and took very little of my precious travel luggage space!

My husband & I wrote the date on a new bottle of shave crème last year because he suspected that his previous had lasted ages. We wanted to actually test how long the next bottle would last. He has just about finished now…. 16 months later!! It is a fantastic value product!

I bought your shave crème as I passed through a major airport recently. Using it didn’t make me look any prettier, but 23 years in the Royal Marines is hard to reverse in one shave! What an excellent product; great effect and well-designed packaging.

I absolutely love the products that men-ü offer, especially the shave crème & the healthy hair & scalp shampoo. I used to shave every few days or so but now I have your shave crème, I shave a lot more now!

The shampoo, in my opinion is the best on the market. I have previously used a lot of hair products and always felt other shampoos didn’t wash out styling products, but with the shampoo from men-ü, you can really feel the cleanliness!

I have a men-ü Premier synthetic bristle brush at home and a Badger bristle brush in my wash kit for when away. The Badger brush isn’t a patch on your synthetic brush so I ordered another!

I am absolutely pleased with the db Premier shaving brush. It goes to show, how investing in a good product can have a positive impact on my morning routine!

Just to say I love your clay hair product, top stuff! Keep up the good work!

I find the products very useful and long lasting. I would recommend them to many more barbers.

men-ü have really good products and are highly concentrated which means you use less and get great results compared to other ranges where you have to use a lot of product. The smell is nice and clean, fresh and not feminine.

I have been using the shave crème for a couple of years and it is the best, it goes a long way and gives a comfortable shave even with sensitive skin! I have also recently started using the healthy facial wash and facial moisturiser lift which are of equal good quality.

muscle fibre paste is my all time favourite hair product!

On a visit to the UK over the past few weeks I stumbled into your shave crème…..wow!

The men-ü products were compact but they didn’t compromise on quality. I enjoyed using them and would definitely use them in my barber shop.

I just wanted to let you know what a great products you make. I’ve been using one of your shaving brushes for over 10 years now and it is still in mint condition. I’m really impressed.

Just wanted to say that I have been using your men u range for 2 weeks now and can’t praise it enough. Has made my shaving routine so much better and my face feel like I’m actually looking after it. I’m definitely a convert and will be using the range for a long time to come. Love the way you can lock the bottles as well and they all look very premier sitting along side eachother. Thanks for a truly superb men’s range at last.

I want to thank you and men-ü for everything that you do. I have been buying men-ü for quite some time now and I thought I would drop you a little thank you note to show a little bit of appreciation.

I was introduced to men-ü products at Xmas 2015 when my wife bought me the shaving brush set complete with shaving cream, which I loved. I have since regularly purchased your CITRUS & MINT SHOWER GEL, SHAVE CRÈME, FACIAL MOISTURISER LIFT and most recently, after growing my hair out your DAILY REFRESH SHAMPOO and DAILY MOISTURISING CONDITIONER. All of these products are excellent and I’ve recommended them to friends and family.

I just wanted to email to say that your range of products has changed my skin problems forever. I love the shave creme, facial wash and moisturizing cream. My skin used to be so oily but that’s long gone now. My confidence is right up and I just want to thank you once again. I recommend your products to all my friends too.

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