The visual frontline

Men have more active sebaceous glands than women leading to oilier skin. Blocked pores lead to spots and breakouts. The correct product choice is essential for removing excess oil and keeping the skin free of blemishes.


At men-ü we understand the process a man goes through every time he shaves or indeed the necessities for looking after his skin if he doesn’t. We call this the visual frontline. The following 4 step guide is a step by step guide to looking after your skin on a daily basis whether you shave or not. Start at step 2 if it is a non-shave day.


Exfoliate: Up to two layers of skin are removed each time a man uses his razor – exfoliation a woman can only dream of! Freshly exfoliated skin is the best preventative to blocked pores.

Deep Cleanse: The skin is at its most vulnerable immediately after shaving. Using a good face wash is paramount to removing the loose skin cells, loose hair and shave crème, all leading culprits to blocked pores. men-ü HEALTHY FACIAL WASH contains tea tree oil (natural antiseptic & anti-bacterial) and witch hazel to help protect the visual front line & improve the skin in preparation for future shaves.

Tone: Using a toning type product on the skin post shave or as a daily use product is the key to removing the excess oil and sooth and tighten the skin. men-ü MATT ‘SKIN REFRESH’ GEL contains natural salicylic acid which is the number one ingredient for achieving this aim.

Condition: Using a moisturiser on the skin either as a daily use product and/or after shaving adds the necessary moisture (not oil) back to the skin.


Expert Tip: If you have oily skin use men-ü MATT MOISTURISER which contains sebum absorbers which will not only help to remove oily skin but will also keep the skin free of oil throughout the day.