About Us

introducing more men to quality grooming with products that are different to make a difference!

men-ü is a modern, British brand with a revolutionary line of high performance, ultra concentrate products – a little goes a long way! Concentrated formulae facilitate use of a high percentage of the finest ingredients and the secret is to get them to where they are needed without waste. The products fit neatly in the hand and into a man’s lifestyle, bathroom, sports or travel bag. The range is also complemented with Italian shaving brushes.

The handy 100ml pucks, tubes & bottles with locking pumps provide 80-265 applications (dependent on the product), are less than 13cms high and provide accurate dosage. For the ultimate in compact, 15ml ‘buddy’ tubes (up to 30 applications) are available for the shave / facial products.

If you would like information on stocking the product range in your salon / barbershop, please contact us.